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    Scaling up with Blacksheep

    My guests for this episode are Joshua Hughes and Amanda Wilson of VerdEnergia Pacifica and Blacksheep Regenerative Resource Management.


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    On the ground practitioners of permaculture practitioners engaged in restorative business, Joshua and Amanda are the founders and, respectively, the CEO and CMO of Black Sheep Regenerative Resource Management. Together they’ve co-managed VerdEnergia Pacifica, a permaculture farm, education, and resource center in Costa Rica, for the last five years

    They join me today to discuss how they are scaling up Blacksheep Regeneration Resource management. We also continue the earlier conversation from earlier interviews with Joshua about creating a compassionate future, the role of regenerative investing in saving and repairing the land, and the transitional ethics required in this period of change.

    Find out more about their work at and

    The work Joshua, Amanda, the rest of their team, farmers, and friends, are doing through investment and direct commercial action reinvigorates farms and saves the land around them from further destruction and devastation. Listening to this story, I’m reminded that we can all engage in the act of restoration as permaculture practitioners by purchasing a piece of land, if we are able to do so and use the skills we gain through understanding ecological design to build soil, and restore functioning ecosystems that benefit people and the other than human.

    If we don’t have land but do have the economic resources, we can share our financial capital with the people and organizations that have those abilities. Donate or invest in land restoration or management projects like Blacksheep Regenerative Resource Management. Buy the plants for your backyard from nurseries you trust and believe in. Sponsor a scholarship for a Permaculture Design Course.

    We have the greatest ability to change the world when we work together. Folks like Amanda, Joshua, and myself, are here to help you find a way to make a difference, each in our own way.

    If you know someone engaged in work you believe in or have your own permaculture farm or project, please let me know so I can continue to curate that information and make it available to other listeners. Email: 

    You can also use that email address if you have any questions for me, or if you think I can help you get connected to resources that will aid your project.

    From here the next interview is another live conversation, this time recorded with Michael Judd, to discuss his latest book For the Love of Paw Paws: A Mini-Manual for Growing and Caring for PawPaws – From Seed to Table. After that are two episodes with David Holmgren.

    Until the next time, use your resources in the restoration of degraded land, while taking care of Earth, your self, and each other.

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      Thank you all for the response to this conversation. So many great projects out there. Let’s keep building momentum!

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