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    Episode 1543: Transitional Ethics with Joshua Peaceseeker Hughes

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    My guest for this episode is Joshua Peace Seeker Hughes, an American permaculture practitioner living and farming in Costa Rica. His work there, which forms our discussion today, includes issues of land preservation through bottom up solutions, regenerative resource based economies, divestment, changing our lifestyles, the real wealth in of resources versus the illusion of money, and how we are in a period of transformation that requires transitional ethics.

    You can find out more about his work at

    As part of Joshua’s work to bring his talents to bear and assist other in what they do, he has donated a Permaculture Design Course to the podcast as a fundraiser. Since I don’t know when you will hear this, the PDC is being raffled off through November 27, 2015. Chances are $50 each and is limited to no more than 50 entries. The prize is transferrable if you would like to enter on someone’s behalf or are unable to attend. Everyone who enters and does not win is entitled to $100 off of a future PDC at Verdenergia.

    Find out complete details by following this link: Costa Rica Permaculture Design Course

    Joshua is also open to coming back on the podcast for another open conversation like this one to talk about social enterprise and devestment, and other Chapter 14 permaculture topics. Let me know if you have questions for him.

    With those announcements I also want to let you know that Jen Mendez at has some EDGE Alliances coming up in cooperation with Lisa Kohlhepp focusing on Outdoor Place-Based Nature Study. November 8, 2015 is Homegrown Family, and December 13 is The Neighborhood Tribe. Lorina Harris joins Jen to talk about Form on October 27, and Patterns on November 10. You can read about both of these series of classes and see the other upcoming courses by going to

    Stepping away from this conversation I’m left with three reminders of how to change our lives and accomplish our goals. Those are: living with intent, living where we are at, and living in community.

    Living with intent means to actively make choices about our actions and what we bring into. Now, more than ever, each of us and our decisions impact not only ourselves, but also the descendants of humanity and all other life on the planet.

    Living where you are at means inhabiting both the physical sense of place, and getting to know the people and space that you call home, but also about developing self-awareness. We must know our needs and wants in order to live well where we are, and to be kind to ourselves and others for each of us are at a different stage of the journey, and that trip is our own to take.

    Living with community means connecting with others to rebuild what we’ve lost as a culture. We arrived in this moment through the passage of time, and so did the story of our society. Meet other like-minded folks. Tell stories. Expand your Zone 1 and Zone 2 social permaculture circles, and get real with others. Dig deep. Get to know others so you can trust one another whatever the situation

    What did you think of this interview and the places we went to with the more conversational style? Or is there any way I can assist you on your path? Let me know.

    Call: 717-827-6266.

    Or, if you’d like, drop a letter or post card in the mail to me. That address is:

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    October 22 is the second half of The Riverside Project Round Table, titled Home. On October 29 Lisa Rose joins me to talk about Midwest Foraging, and after that Peter Michael Bauer returns to discuss Human vs. Conservation rewilding.

    Until the next time, spend each day transitioning to the life you want to live, while creating the world you want to live in, by taking care of earth, yourself, and each other.


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    1. HeatherHeather
      October 15, 2015    

      That was an amazing interview. Joshua is a fire-starting revolutionary. I love it. Doesn’t it just create this sense of urgency? Off to get busy… we each have our part to play.

    2. Bronwyn NorrisBronwyn Norris
      October 15, 2015    

      WOW.. awesome, awesome.. he said sooo Much I totally agree with.
      Fired this almost Gramma up on a day I totally needed it!

      Much Gratitude,

    3. April 27, 2016    

      I really enjoyed doing this talk wit Scott. For many years these messages seemed to bring people down or go unheard. At this point in time I am finding people more ready than ever to drop the old, broken model and create the systems that they have been waiting for.

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