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    1834 – Permaculture Politics and a Compassionate Future with Joshua Hughes

    This is an atypical episode of the show as you can probably tell from the title. In this conversation, I sit down with Joshua Hughes of VerdEnergia Pacifica and Blacksheep Regenerative Resource Management to talk about the intersection of permaculture and politics to engage, get involved, and change the system to create the world we want to live in.


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    Yes, Joshua has strong views on the state of the world and why things are as bad as they are. Depending on your position, you may not like some of what he has to say but stick with us. This isn’t a left versus right fight, but we do have to talk about some of that to frame the conversation. In the end, this is about sovereignty, consent, and compassion: what we have in common with one another that we can organize around and fight together, as a community, for what we love.

    You can find Joshua on Twitter @FarmEvolution42 or by searching Revolutionary Farmer. As he also says at the end of our time together you can email him: In the show notes I also link to his other projects, and our earlier interviews together.

    Reach out to us if we can make a difference and to continue the conversation. Leave a comment in the show notes, call me: 717-827-6266, email:, or write:

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    The next episode is a conversation with Clare Kenny of The Mudgirls to continue our discussion about Natural Building.

    Until then, spend each day getting engaged and change the systems that matter to you while taking care of Earth, yourself, and each other.

    Reach out to Joshua:
    Twitter: @FarmEvolution42
    VerdEnergia Pacifica
    Blacksheep Regenerative Investing
    1641 – Regenerative Investing
    1543 – Transitional Ethics

    Emma Goldman – Selected Writings – U.C. Berkeley
    Eugene Debs – U.S. History


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    1. WayneWayne
      October 20, 2018    

      I have zero interest in the Left’s BS. Mollison is spinning in his grave. This episode went over the line and is my last.

      • MichaelMichael
        October 30, 2018    

        What specifically do you think went over the line?

      • Amanda KAmanda K
        November 21, 2018    

        Wow, what a great example of the exact problems of polarization we have as a culture. Honestly, how are you making yourself or the world better if you won’t listen to anything that doesn’t validate your pre-conceived opinion? Take some dissenting opinion with grace instead of a tantrum, and you stand to learn a lot more in the long run.

    2. October 20, 2018    

      The Democrat Party is no longer that of JFK, Civil Rights and the working class. It has become a ruthless, power-hungry party that represents the Globalist, Corporatist interests of the elite, under the guise of representing people of color and sexual minorities. PC culture is wielded by the Democrats as a weapon to enforce an authoritarian bureaucracy. And what’s great is that people are seeing through them.

    3. JBJB
      October 30, 2018    

      We need more conversations like this! Keep it up!

    4. October 31, 2018    

      I spend most of my life working on governance not politics.

    5. […] You can listen to the newest podcast here. […]

    6. October 31, 2018    

      Respect and kudos to the Right-leaning commenters here for listening to the episode, however upset it made them. Let’s have a conservative permaculture episode next, Scott. I’d be super curious to hear that…

      • November 1, 2018    

        I have spent the last months listening to Jordan Peterson. lectures and discussions. My ideas about right and left wing people has shifted so much since hearing Petersons thoughts. I change all of the time and I find myself feeling closer kinship with every thoughtful person.

    7. MelissaMelissa
      November 13, 2018    

      Important conversation that needs to happen more. When we focus on the actual issues rather than the divisive rhetoric and largely imagined “left-right divide”, we realize these false rivalries have been cultivated by those in power to keep us pointing fingers at each other instead of the few people really at fault. A revolution is underway. The paradigm is shifting 🙂 thanks Josh for a riveting discussion as always!

    8. November 23, 2018    

      Do you really think this is leftist b.s.? What does that even mean?

    9. SamSam
      November 25, 2018    

      I’d love to hear a live podcast debate about these topics. I think there might even be a lot of common ground discovered.

      • joshuajoshua
        December 11, 2018    

        I would love to take part in a debate.

    10. Jeffrey LoucksJeffrey Loucks
      January 11, 2019    

      This was very thought provoking. I tend to fall in the middle. Personally I would like to see some changes implemented like single laws with no “pork” added on. If a law cannot stand by itself then adding reams of paper to it covering other things will not help. Also, I would like to see limits placed on how many.times a person can run any particylar position. That is for the beginning.
      Thank you daring to talk about these things. I talk with my children about them. They will not stay ignored.

      • January 18, 2019    

        Many people tend to think of term limits as a positive thing. Walmart type corps can afford to run new corporate hacks every election for the rest of time. We want to be able to keep good states people in power if they are doing the work of the people. Having to constantly pay to elect new badasses over and over would benefit the wealthiest not the most competent.

    11. Katrina CantuKatrina Cantu
      January 27, 2019    

      Such a great conversation! Like Joshua said, we all need to be talking about these issues. I really like the piece about realizing this global collapse isn’t a far off event. It’s happening all around us every day and if we can open our eyes we may be able to make some changes. Thank you for opening the door to having these more uncomfortable talks, we need to nudge into the discomfort of what is happening in order to provoke change.

    1. Permaculture Politics and a Compassionate Future | VerdEnergia Pacifica on October 31, 2018 at 14:45

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