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    Joshua Hughes return to share information about his latest venture Blacksheep Regenerative Resource Management, a invest with social responsibility. During the conversation he guides us through how this effort has moved the amount of land under management through his projects from 20 acres in 2014, to 400 acres two years alter, and providing a return of 4,000% to investors over a 30 year period. All while creatinging local jobs and keeping the majority of the physical assets and resources in Costa Rica.

    Regenerative investing: practicing permaculture using the tools of modern business to rebuild the land and the people who call the land home. Is this a model we can use to bring the needed financial capital into our work and find success during this period of transition?


    Let me know your thoughts.

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    Blacksheep Regenerative Resource Management
    VerdEnergia Pacifica
    Transitional Ethics – Joshua’s first interview on the podcast
    Costa Rica PDC Fundraiser

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    1. November 1, 2016    

      Excelent interview, Joshua is a great leader, very clear in his goals. He develops amazing projects. As a Food Engineer, I´ve been working with him at Verdenergia Farm reseaching at CIPRONA and CIPA, the idea is to create innovative ending products (natural extracts, cosmetic and nutraceutical), organic rizhomes and turmeric and ginger are considered intermediate crops in permaculture, it is also true that they both have preventive, regenerative and corrective chemical bioactive principles.
      Bernardo Soto

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    3. Brittany ThompsonBrittany Thompson
      November 16, 2016    

      How do you connect with them? Their website doesnt have a email or anything.

    4. Aaron MartzAaron Martz
      November 19, 2016    

      Hi Scott –
      Did Joshua leave any contact info for his associate Sarah in Michigan?

      Thank you,

      • November 20, 2016    

        Hi Aaron,

        I don’t currnetly have it so reached out to Joshua for the contact information on this and any other U.S. projects. He and I have another phone call coming up, so I can also follow up then.



      • December 1, 2016    

        Hi Aaron, Sara can be reached at

        Thank you for your interest.


        • Aaron MartzAaron Martz
          December 22, 2016    

          Hey Spenser,
          Thanks for the address! That will help be so beneficial. Loved the video you posted below and the work that you all are doing!


    5. December 1, 2016    

      Thanks for the great interview Scott!

      While we build out the website, you can find out a little more about Blacksheep by watching this short video:

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