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    1820 – The Soil Food Web with Dr. Elaine Ingham

    Today’s guest, in an interview recorded by co-host David Bilbrey, is the microbiologist and soil researcher Dr. Elaine Ingham.


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    During this conversation, David and Elaine explore the microbiology of the soil, the impact of this life on the health of our plants and agricultural system, how we can be citizen scientists, and the power of a microscope to bring all these ideas together, right in front of our eyes. Underneath it all is the importance of healthy, living soil for human well being, as individuals, participants in a community, and citizens of the world.

    Find out more about her work on soil microbiology at and on her classes and other work with Environment Celebration Institute at

    David and I have partnered with Dr. Ingham and Environment Celebration Institute to make her courses more accessible to permaculture practitioners. If you’d like to take one of her online classes, use the promo code permaculturepodcast at checkout to save up to 50%. By doing so, you also help to support the podcast.

    Stepping away from this conversation, I’m reminded of several past interviews that focused on citizen science and nutrient-dense foods, with Dr. Ingham’s talk with David adding the importance of soil microbiology and what we can do to support a healthy soil biome. As permaculture practitioners we can blend scientific research – both our own and that of others – with our Earth care practices.

    To continue these conversations and the exploration of these ideas, you’ll find links to the related interviews, including those mentioned above, below.

    What do you think of what Dr. Ingham is doing? Do you use a microscope in your exploration of the world? Have you taken one of her courses?

    Let me know. Leave a comment in the show notes, call: 717-827-6266, send me an email: or contact David: or drop a letter in the post.

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    From here, there is another shorter episode coming out in a few days, which is a conversation with Leslie Crawford about her new children’s book Sprig the Rescue Pig. After that is Sarah Bir at the end of the month, to talk about her book The Fruit Forager’s Companion.

    Until then, spend each day exploring your soil while taking care of Earth, yourself and each other.

    Dr. Ingham’s CV
    Soil Food Web
    Environment Celebration Institute
    Dr. Ingham’s Online Classes
    Ecological Monograph (1985 – PDF)

    Additional Interviews
    Nutrient Dense Foods with Dan Kittredge
    The Citizen Scientist with Stephen Harrod Buhner
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