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    Episode 1410: Right Living and Authentic Education with Adam Campbell


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    My guest for this episode is Adam Campbell, a permaculture teacher who lives at the Stillwater Sanctuary and teaches at the Peace and Permaculture Center.

    This is the second of several episodes that come from one long conversation I had with Adam.  As this picks up right where things left off, it’s best if you start with that first show and then join us again afterwards.  In this case we begin with him sharing a story about his friend Megan who started her a Personal Honesty Project, and what making a radical change in one’s life is like. We also talk about having confidence and trusting yourself to do transformative work, and move to more about thoughts on education and learning, inside and outside the traditional school system and hall of academia.

    I think this episode fits well with the past interviews from Natasha Alvarez, Stephen Harrod Buhner, and of course Ethan Hughes (Part 1) (Part 2).

    I have another 2 hours of raw audio from the day he and I spoke, so expect to release another 2 episodes with Adam in the future.

    Something I want to speak to is near the beginning of this conversation when Adam and I were talking about making new models that work for our selves and others, and about giving up things to find what we do and don’t need. One of my fellow martial arts students and I were working through some fencing material and he kept saying, “Make it smaller.  Make it smaller. Keep making it smaller until it doesn’t work, then make it a bit bigger.” That’s how I’ve come to think about these changes we make in our lives. Start with little changes and keep removing pieces and removing pieces, until you get to a place that doesn’t work, where something isn’t right, and then add a bit more back to it. Then you’ll know what your tolerances are for something and can find what really works for you. What you really need. What you are capable of. And have a place to take action from.

    But, you need to act.

    Peace and Permaculture Education with Adam Campbell (Part 1 of this series)

    Blessed Unrest by Paul Hawken
    Non-Violent Communication by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg
    The Heroes Journey (Monomyth) as considered by Joseph Campbell (Wiki Links)
    The Four Agreements and Don Miguel Ruiz
    Think Little (Links to a PDF) by Wendell Berry

    A Note From Scott:
    I’ll be attending A Gathering of Farmers on March 8th, 2014 being held by Certified Naturally Grown. This event is on the grounds of Wilson College in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.  If you are in the area and would like to attend perhaps we can take a few moments to meet and catch up.

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    (Episode 2014-010)

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