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    Episode 1409: Permaculture as Revolution with Natasha Alvarez


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    My guest for this episode is Natasha Alvarez, a permaculture teacher, naturalist, and herbalist from Lancaster Pennsylvania.

    In this episode we talk about her idea of Permaculture as Revolution as expressed in her project, The Year of Black Clothing. By finding our love for the world, we can move towards action, by focusing on our passion. But, of course, we cover so much more along the way.

    Though I wrapped up this show a few weeks after interviewing Natasha, I still agree with my closing sentiment. I have nothing more to add to this conversation than what is here, except to say this: if you need help, ask for it, and we will do what we can to aid you.

    Contact Natasha:
    Website: The Year of Black Clothing

    Contact the show:
    Phone: 717-827-6266
    Twitter: @permaculturecst

    The Wilderness Awareness School

    (Episode 2014-009)


    1. andyandy
      May 12, 2018    

      Is this the same person who wrote the novella Liminol? (Sp?)

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