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    Episode 1360: Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast


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    My guest for this episode is Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast. For the many of you who know him, then he needs no introduction. For those of you who hear “Survival Podcast” and wonder about how that ties in with permaculture, take the time to sit down and give this episode a listen.

    Jack is the reason why The Permaculture Podcast with Scott Mann exists. Not the intro, or anything related to the technical side of recording and producing it, but the podcast with me at all. Many years ago I was introduced to his show, right after it started, and his work inspired me to devote my time to creating a permaculture podcast. Sure, if you listen to the early episodes things were a bit rough and rocky here, but they got better.

    More to the point, however, is that survival preparedness is about planning and designing for disasters, something I devoted a show to a while back, as well as bringing on guests like Nicole Foss to talk about the possibilities and how to prepare for them. Survival and disaster preparation is like a Zone, Sector, and Vector analysis that we then use to mitigate the Vectors represented by disasters.

    In this particular interview, Jack and I talk about his background, as well as how Jack reached the point of creating his podcast, and then coming to permaculture in his own way. From there we move through quite a bit like politics, including how the political system divides us and the things we have in common, preparing for disaster, and how we can use permaculture to build a better world by reaching out to the mainstream, meeting people where they are at, and showing that permaculture can work.

    The show closes with my reflection on several of the ideas that Jack brought up in our conversation: a “Do-ocracy”, Voluntary Association, and Investing in the Now. My final thoughts run about 10 minutes so stick around after the interview to hear more.

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    1. Ryan HarpRyan Harp
      December 2, 2013    

      Great show. I’ve been listening to you and Jack for about 6 months now and was excited for the combo act. 2 things really stuck with me.

      – Firstly what Jack said about how the two party system is used to keep us all apart and fighting instead of working together. I could have used that line to break up some family debates over the holiday. Brilliantly simple!

      – Secondly I’m thrilled you outlined a bit of how you managed your time in the post interview. This is a subject I’m often guilty of much thought and not enough action. I would very much encourage an entire show on this subject as I know time management is a major hurdle to many of us who are full of ideas and energy but just can’t seem to move as quickly as we’d like to.


    2. Walter McQuieWalter McQuie
      February 1, 2014    

      Great podcast. It was very interesting to hear that you were involved with Jack’s efforts going way back.

      I wanted to respond to Ryan’s comment even though I’m terribly behind in listening to the podcast. Not to deny that there are powerful interests who benefit from tensions between groups or even that some of those interests intend to exacerbate those tension, but I don’t think “they” really have to do all that much for the tensions to persist and get worse. Humans seem ready to divide into an us and them mentality without much stoking. All the more reason that the work you and Jack do to try and bridge those naturally occurring divides is crucial. Thanks.

    3. RLM McWilliamsRLM McWilliams
      February 7, 2014    

      One of the most valuable things about The Permaculture Podcast is the presentation of a wide range of ideas and viewpoints from people with an incredibly diverse array of experiences. Your openess to this encourages listeners to also consider viewpoints and gain value from perspectives that they might not otherwise have condidered. Your reflections at the end of each interview aid my own reflection on the content, and helps me to draw connections between the material presented and my own store of knowlege and experiences that are leading to some insights which are translating into practical application.

      On the technology issue, personally I find it inspiring to learn about people here in the USA who have successfully disconnected from a dependance on industrialization. That’s amazing. Those people are *one* model of how we can all live happy and fulfilled lives in abundance and comfort. BUT that is not where most of us ARE. Or want to be. Jack made some excellent points about the incremental approch. This is useful even as we contemplate where we would like to be on the path to living the fully ‘permculturized’ life – and where we are. It is OK to make the journey in steps, incrementally. Isn’t that how succession naturally occurs?

      Another thought on technology: most of us here are probably familiar with the concept of ‘Occam’s Razor’ in science, the principle that, ‘all things being equal, the simplest solution is usually correct’. For most of my life, I have contemplated whether the technological corrollary might also be useful, that ‘all things being equal, the simplest technology that will get the job done is usually the best solution’.

      Does this apply in all situations? I think the answer to that question is, ‘It depends’!

    4. james mcgunthryjames mcgunthry
      February 8, 2016    

      hey Scott!!!!!
      Jack is afucking idiot, what the fuck is wrong with your ass. FALSE PROPHET 911!!! grab yo guns

    5. jeffjeff
      January 20, 2018    

      i really appreciate Scott’s approach to the gift economy. Consumerism and the top down approach to running our societies is destroying our people and our planet. Please support his show by giving money so he can continue to give us insights on different ways we can live and embrace a different way to live.

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