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    Episode 1342: Economic and Financial Collapse with Nicole Foss


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    My guest for this episode is Nicole Foss, a lecturer and writer who tackles issues of financial and energy collapse, and provides a vision for the future to make any eventual fall less severe for those who prepare. Her goals for each of us go beyond just the self and include our communities.

    James, my production assistant, suggested Nicole would be a good guest for the show and sent me a link to an interview she did with James Howard Kunstler of the Kunstler Cast. As she talks about finance, a big world I won’t pretend to understand, as well as energy decline, something I haven’t covered in any great detail, this interview seemed inevitable. After playing tag for a few months while she’s been on her whirlwind tour, we finally had a chance to connect.

    During the interview, she covers finance and energy contraction in-depth. I say that she does this because these topics are outside my normal purview, and I didn’t see a reason to interject my own take very often. I’m thankful for her thorough understanding of her position, her articulate explanation of the what and why on these topics, and being gracious with me while I played catch-up during the conversation. Just another reason why I’m a podcaster and don’t do live interviews.

    I’m thankful that Nicole is still hopeful about the future. Even with these looming issues, we still have time to take action to build resiliency and prepare for these, and other, eventualities. The path to do so isn’t hard, but does require a different outlook, and investment in our daily lives and personal stability. Permaculture provides many of the tools necessary to design and plan a way forward.

    She also wanted me to let you know that she’s looking to do a whirlwind tour around the United States later this year. If you’d like her to stop by your town for a talk, contact her and you can discuss the possibility. You can contact her through her website at:


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    3. October 30, 2013    

      Such an important talk! This is what I want my family skeptics and all others to hear.
      What do you think trumps Transition towns inicitive? This woman’s presentation would make a bomer trantistiontown talk, Transition lacks resource recycling..

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