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    Episode 1206: International Permaculture with Rico Zook


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    The interview in this episode is with one of my teachers Rico Zook. We met at the teacher training I took in 2011, along with Jude Hobbs and Andrew Millison. You can hear about that in experience in my review.

    I wanted to talk to Rico about his experiences with itinerant teaching of permaculture. He travels all over the world, to India, Cambodia, the U.S., and Jordan, to instruct others and along the way fosters relationships, build community, and overcomes his personal assumptions to connect with his students and their needs.

    We range over here and there in this conversation, but begin with his introduction to Permaculture in New Mexico and the Llama foundation and end with his thought for all of us: to look around and ask ourselves, “What can I do better?”

    You can learn more about Rico, including his upcoming travel and class schedule, at his website: I-Permaculture.

    People, places, and information mentioned in this interview:
    Ben Haggard
    Build Here Now
    Lama Foundation
    Regenesis Group

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    1. Brent VerrillBrent Verrill
      July 12, 2012    

      Hey Scott,

      I get “File Not Found” when I try to listen or download from your website.

      Thanks for what you do.

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