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    PermacultureEpisode 1129: Teacher Training Review: taught by Jude Hobbs, Andrew Millison, and Rico Zook. (Permabyte)


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    As some of you who follow the show on Facebook may already know, I was in Cottage Grove, Oregon, USA to take an Advanced Permaculture Training in Teaching (i.e. Permaculture Teacher Training), with Jude Hobbs, Andrew Millison, and guest instructor Rico Zook.  In this episode I give a review of the course and consider some of the following:

    • The Site – Wilson Creek Gardens.
    • The Teachers – as mentioned above.
    • Course Lessons – some of the nuts and bolt material.
    • “Take Aways” – in the form of aphorism that illustrate a point towards being a better instructor.
    • Specific Questions:  How was the food?  Was the class worth the money? Would I take this course again or recommend it to someone?

    If you are looking for more information on the instructors, you can find more information on each one, their work, and what they are doing at:

    And since I mentioned VNV Nation, you can check out Ronan and Mark at:

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