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    Lean Logic: The Work of David Fleming


    (Originally released: November 20, 2016)


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    My guest today is Shaun Chamberlin, the editor of Lean Logic: A Dictionary for the Future and How to Survive It and Surviving the Future, both of which are based on the work of the late David Fleming (1940 – 2010). The conversation is as much a discussion of these books, as it is a celebration of the life of David Fleming, who we get to meet through a series of clips throughout the interview.

    Without hyperbole, I see these two volumes as some of the most important recent texts for any permaculture practitioner, from recent convert to long-standing experts, to add to their library. David, through the careful clarifying editing by Shaun, has created the resources that bridge the landscape and our communities, from food to transition, in an apolitical, accessible way, covering topics from Abstraction to Yonder. Self-referential, you can open Lean Logic to any page and be lead on a trail of connected thoughts to lead you to ideas that initially might seem unrelated, kind of like going to Wikipedia to look up swales and before you know it three hours have passed and you are now reading about the health risks of tritium, except in a book where everything is related to the resiliency necessary to create a world where humans can survive whatever the future may hold.

    Enjoy this first conversation with Shaun. He returns for the second half on December 10.


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