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    Climate Change and The Path Ahead

    (Originally Released: May 25, 2017)

    Giulianna Maria Lamanna, of The Fifth World , drops a huge two-part question on us in this episode, a continuation of the MAPC 2016 Q&A.

    1. Are there people in the permaculture community talking about climate change and the impact of global warming on invasive species?

    2. Is it our responsibility as permaculture practitioners to create new ecosystems for the changing climate?


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    This conversation leads to thoughts on preserving native ecosystems, the creation of novel ecosystems, the role and influence of exotic species, human disturbance, and the forces of erosion. We’re also asked to examine our own  role we have in tending the wild, and what responsibility, if any, we have to domesticated species such as chickens?

    In doing so, can we take back the stewardship of our own habitat?

    Voices you’ll hear include:

    Eva Taylor of Ironwood Farms
    Zach Elfers of Nomad Seed Project
    Ben Weiss of Susquehanna Permaculture
    Jason Godesky of The Fifth World
    Nicole Luttrell of Wind Song Farm
    Claudia Joseph of New York Permaculture Exchange
    Seppi Garrett
    Dale Hendricks of Green Light Plants
    Dr. Christopher Huvos

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    MACP 2017 Event Information and Tickets

    Timothy Lee Scott , author of Invasive Plant Medicine
    Tao Orion  (Her Facebook Page)
    1535 – Beyond the War on Invasive Species , my interview with Tao.
    1321 – David Homgren on Permaculture. An Interview.

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