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    Interview: Michael Judd – For the Love of PawPaws


    Today, Michael Judd joins me to discuss his newest book: For the Love of PawPaws: A Mini Manual for Growing and Caring for PawPaws – From Seed to Table.


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    During this in-person interview, we start with what he’s currently working on, including where he’s gone with natural burials and his exploration of chestnuts as a way to plan for the future. From there we talk about North America’s largest native fruit: the PawPaw. During the conversation that follows, Michael shares the resurging interest in this tree and fruit. The development of named cultivars and improvement of PawPaw genetics thanks to growers like Neal Peterson and Jim Davis. We also touch on growing your own PawPaw, as well as the flavor and nutrition of the fruit, and end with what you’ll find if you make it to his annual PawPaw festival, which recently celebrated its 4th year.

    Find out more about Michael, including his latest book For the Love of PawPaws, his homestead, and other work at You’ll also find links to that, the nurseries mentioned, and much more, in the resources section below.

    Also, in the Patreon feed at, you’ll find two giveaways. One for his book, For the Love of PawPaws. I also have a giveaway open for a copy of David Holmgren’s Scenario Planning for the Future. Both of those are open until October 10th, 2019.

    What I love about this conversation and all the times I’ve spent with Michael, is his go do it attitude and desire to instill that feeling in others. If you find something you love, you can learn enough to get inspired, and then go begin. Whatever you’d like to accomplish in permaculture, through successes, failures, and moments of great joy, take that first step and see where the journey leads you.

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    From here, the next interviews are a two-part series with David Holmgren discussing his book Retrosuburbia! and what we can do to prepare the communities we live in for the future.

    Until then, spend each day creating the world you want to live in by enjoying PawPaws, learning more about the native fruits in your regions, and taking care of Earth, yourself, and each other.

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    For the Love of PawPaws
    Ecologia Design
    Planting and Growing Chestnut Trees (PDF)
    Future Scenarios: How Communities Can Adapt to Peak Oil and Climate Change – David Holmgren
    SilvoCulture: Nuts for the Future
    Custard Apple
    NPR: The Once-Obscure Fruit is on its way to becoming PawPaw-Pawpular
    Neal Peterson / Peterson Pawpaws
    Deep Run PawPaw Orchard / Jim Davis
    Lee Reich / Uncommon Fruits for Every Garden

    Paw Paw Nurseries

    West Farm Nursery (New Jersey)
    Peaceful Heritage Permaculture Nursery (Kentucky)
    Twisted Tree Farm (New York)
    Edible Acres (New York)
    Food Forest Farm (New York)
    Rolling River Organic Nursery (California)
    Grimo Nut Nursery (Ontario, Canada)
    Edible Landscaping (Virginia)
    Red Fern Farm (Iowa)
    England’s Orchard (Kentucky)
    Blossom Nursery (Arkansas)
    Hidden Springs Nursery (Tennessee)
    Burnt Ridge Nursery (Washington)
    Raintree Nursery (Washington)

    Past Interviews with Michael Judd
    Honoring the Dead and Holding the Dying
    Starting Out and Getting Involved with Permaculture
    Edible Landscaping
    Michael Judd’s Mid-Atlantic Permaculture Convergence Keynote Address


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