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    1916 – The Adaptive Habitat Program

    (Pictured: The Design Squiggle, by Damien Newman as mentioned in this interview. CC BY-ND 3.0 US)

    Today I’m joined by Rob Avis and Takota Coen, two Canadian permaculture designers and teachers, who, working together, created a systemized approach to permaculture and landscape design. This process, called The Adaptive Habitat Program, reduces drudgery and simplifies complexity by using the best information and techniques currently available from permaculture and related disciplines.


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    To understand their process, they lead us through the problems they identified, and the five steps that take us from understanding and clarifying our vision through to incremental implementation and managing your resources.
    And that was Rob Avis and Takota Coen. Find out more about their work and start your journey with the Adaptive Habitat Land Design Program at You’ll find a link to this, Google Earth Pro, and other resources, including my first interview with Rob about rainwater harvesting, in the show notes.

    As mentioned at the end, this interview is an introduction to this process. I’d like to have Rob and Takota back on to dig deeper into each of the design steps and continue the conversation about how to codify and further the profession of permaculture design. To that end, if you have any questions for Rob, Takota, or me, leave a comment in the notes for this show, and we can include your thoughts in future episodes.


    For the summer, I’m stepping back from social media and other online outlets to focus on some behind the scenes projects, so if you would like to get in touch with me directly, the best way to do that, other than leaving a comment, is to drop something in the mail.

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    Until the next time, trust the process that brings your work into the world, while taking care of Earth, your self, and each other.

    The Adaptive Habitat Program
    Contour Map Generator (Get Started Here)
    Google Earth Pro
    The Design Squiggle

    Verge Permaculture (Rob Avis)
    Coen Farm (Takota Coen)

    Essential Rainwater Harvesting with Rob Avis (Interview)

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    1. October 7, 2019    

      A significant and timely topic. Unfortunatley the interview is missing its WHAT. My guess at “what this is” goes like this. A new way to chunk down PC concepts and methods and apply them to your land starts with generating a contour map of your land from Google Earth. Once you have a contour map of your land, the AH method is five steps to organize your thinking about the land acording to Best Practices in PC. This streamlining of PC procedure has never existed before.

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