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    1915 – Rising Earth Immersion

    In this episode, my guests are Meg Toben, the co-founder and director of The Eco-Institute at Pickards Mountain, and Jimi Eisenstein, one of the facilitators for the Rising Earth Immersion course. They join me to discuss this ten-week, on-site intensive offered at The Eco-Institute, located near Chapel Hill, North Carolina.


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    Together they share not only the course contents—including three core pillars of the program earth connection, people connection, and inner connection—but also the impact that having such an immersion holds for our ability to embody what we learn. To put permaculture into practice, through an outlined program with further group direction from participants.

    The course also offers a container to experience community with others seeking a similar opportunity so that students can take the lessons learned about how to live together back out into the world as they seek their own path and right livelihood.

    Find out more about Meg and Jimi, The Eco-Institute at Pickards Mountain, and the Rising Earth Immersion at

    I like what Megan, Jimi, and the rest of the staff at The Eco-Institute and the Rising Earth Immersion program are doing to create a space to live the principles of permaculture through a variety of activities that focus around core pillars that touch on the ethics of ecological design. From caring for Earth by tending the land and saving seeds, to caring for people by learning the breadth of what is necessary to live in community and operate a homestead, to sharing the surplus of various forms of personal and institutional capital. Learning to undertake radical self-care through morning practices that keep us grounded in our body, mind, and spirit.

    Through all these practices we learn together, heal ourselves, and live our ideals into the world.

    Do you know about other immersive or transformational experiences like that offered at The Eco-Institute at Pickards Mountain? Have you gone through a program you would recommend? Let me know.

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    Until the next time, seek out the educational experiences that nourish your mind, strengthen your body, and feed your soul, while taking care of Earth, your self, and each other.

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