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    1907 – Permaculture Action Network with Ryan Rising and Leah Song

    Today’s guests are Ryan Rising, of Permaculture Action Network, and Leah Song, of Rising Appalachia, who join me to talk about how they use the work on-stage and off to organize communities to participate in a permaculture action day. How they blend permaculture and activism with music and merriment.


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    From their experience bringing together more than 13,000 people to over 90 action days, they share how we can learn more, get involved, and make a difference.

    You can find Ryan’s work at and Leah at

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    Though I interviewed Jasmine Saavedra about the Permaculture Action Tour in 2015, it was my friends in Kentucky—whom you’ve heard in the in-person conversations recorded at the Clear Creek Schoolhouse—who helped get this conversation together. Thank you, Leah Van Winkle and Michael Beck for helping to set all this up.

    What I’m left with stepping away from this conversation is a reminder of David Fleming’s Lean Logic and how in those pages he calls on the need for celebration and carnival if we plan to have a joyous and bountiful future. But, we can have that now, and Ryan and Leah and all the rest are working on making this a possibility. The first is through the permaculture action days. We can take this further, however, through related movements like slow music or slow food and celebrate and enjoy the bounties of life and our ability to share a space or a plate with others, a part of our everyday lives and ongoing rituals.

    This is social permaculture in motion, working with people so they can work the land. As they care for one another, they can care for Earth.

    If you are an organizer, or just interested, get in touch with the Permaculture Action Network and see what you can do to create or join with one of the regional hubs. Look for the artists, artisans, and allies that can come together and share the surplus with one another.

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    From here the next conversation is with Akiva Silver, as we sit down to talk about his new book, Trees of Power, as well as foraging and the power of Chestnuts and Hickories.

    Also, I’d like to thank Dusty Eddy for editing the interview audio for this episode. I’m considering bringing him on as the full-time engineer for the show, so let me know what you think about this more conversational approach to the editing that he took.

    Until then, spend each day creating the world you want to live in by organizing within your communities, celebrating with music, and taking care of Earth, yourself, and each other.

    Permaculture Action Network
    Rising Appalachia
    The Slow Music Movement (Huffington Post)
    Lead to Life
    Extinction Rebellion
    Sonic Bloom Festival 

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