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    A Moment of Need

    For the last several years I’ve run a Summer-to-Fall fundraiser in order to ask those listeners who can to donate to the show and keep the podcast freely available and frequently updated.


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    This year I need to begin the campaign a little early as I am in need of urgent oral surgery due to an abscess the size of a quarter inside my head – it’s at the front of my maxilla for those of you familiar with human anatomy or who want to look it up. This problem went undiagnosed until a few weeks ago; growing silently and painlessly while doing a fair amount of damage. Thankfully, if the surgery is performed soon the specialist feels we can save the affected teeth, seal my sinus, and get this to heal without any complications.

    Living in the gift, I need to ask you now for help with this, as the cost of surgery is $1770, or more than two months of my income after paying the expenses for the show. Due to the urgency surgery is currently scheduled for September 6th, and I need to raise these funds by September 1st to ensure I have everything on hand.

    After that, the regular Summer-to-Fall fundraiser will continue until the 8th anniversary of the show on October 10th, with the goal of raising an additional $2,000. This brings the total for the entire campaign to $3,770.

    Can you lend a hand in this moment of need?

    Donate online at

    Or drop something in the post:

    The Permaculture Podcast
    P.O. Box 16
    Dauphin, PA 17018

    Thank you.


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    1. July 25, 2018    

      Nice to see you at DCF. So sorry to hear of the problem. OK, I figure I still owe for your wonderful video efforts. So, while I try to conserve my pitence for my own kids, i’ll be sending a modest check. Hope to connect again soon. Best wishes, b bob

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    3. August 3, 2018    

      Of course. Done. You get well soon, you hear? 🙂

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