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    1831 – A Finer Future with Hunter Lovins

    Today guest host David Bilbrey sits down with Hunter Lovins to talk about Natural Capitalism Solutions and Hunter’s new book,  A Finer Future – Creating an Economy in Service to Life.


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    During their conversation David and Hunter talk about the problems facing humanity, from climate change to economic policies, and how we got into this mess. She then shares solutions we can take, right now, to make a difference. Those ideas range from new habits, to ongoing education and direct action.

    Learn more about Hunter Lovins and her current work at and her book, from New Society Publishers, at

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    Until the next time, spend each day creating the world you want to live in by taking care of Earth, yourself, and each other.

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    2. […] 1831 – A Finer Future with Hunter Lovins […]

    3. Amanda KAmanda K
      October 15, 2018    

      As someone who is new to the Permaculture Podcast, I’ve found myself very impressed with this wonderful podcast. It wasn’t just Hunter’s inspirational take on the ideas presented here, but also the fact that she diverged from what has become an undertone of helplessness in the climate change discussion. So often the public hears a vast amount of apocalyptic revelations and no clear course of action to be taken by the individual. Corporations and governments are given a stern tsk-tsk while the rest of humanity is supposed to be personally ashamed, which does nothing to help the Earth’s current condition. Finally, simply, here are rational and reasonable things that we as individuals can do to start changing ourselves and the world around us for the better. Most people aren’t willing to drastically change their lifestyle, but everyone can start by doing one thing. Simple, brilliant!

    4. […] 1831 – A Finer Future with Hunter Lovins […]

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