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    1814 – Reducing our Footprint: Eliminating Single-Use Plastic with Paul Hellier

    My guest today is Paul Hellier of Fair Food Forager, who joins me to begin an ongoing series of conversations to talk about what we can do reduce waste, change our consumptions patterns, and decrease our ecological footprint.


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    To get this series started we begin by looking at what we can do to eliminate single use plastic and some of the strategies for slowing down, living more intentionally, and continuing to connect with one another and the world around us. We take a discussion of trash and waste and turn it into one of cleanup, care, and celebration.

    Learn more about Paul’s regular work at, and find the app in the iOS or Android app stores. For more about his upcoming ride visit While you’re there, watch the intro video where you can see Paul and his riding partner Jamie Lepre of Environment-to-Be.

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