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    1812 – Being Present for Ourselves and Others with Rhonda Baird

    My guest for today is Rhonda Baird, editor of Permaculture Design Magazine, and designer and educator at Sheltering Hills Design, LLC.

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    We talk about the social side of permaculture and what we can do, as individuals and a community, to create boundaries that lead to deeper respect for ourselves and each other. To fight for something — rather than against — through small and slow solutions. The power we have as minority voices to create social change. The impact that being face-to-face with others can have in engaging with and resolving the issues facing our community and the broader world.

    This is a conversation about sitting with things that are often uncomfortable, but necessary for transforming the world we have into the one we want to see.

    Find out more about Rhonda and her work at and You’ll find links to those, and so much more, in the resource section of the show notes.

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    Permaculture Design Magazine
    Sheltering Hills Design, LLC
    Small and Slow-Solutions: IPC India 2017
    Safer Spaces Agreement
    Great Rivers and Lake Permaculture Institute
    How to Conduct a Community Inventory (Transition US)
    Sociocracy aka Dynamic Governance (Wikipedia)
    Dynamic Governance: A New System for Better Decisions (Triple Pundit)
    Restorative Justice
    Restorative Circles
    Permaculture and The Commons. Permaculture Design Magazine #103 (February 2017)
    Radical Faeries
    Why Mobile Technology Matters for the World’s Nomadic Peoples

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