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    1723 – Change Here Now with Adam Brock

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    How do we create the world with the social and economic structures we desire? How do we distill the problems that we see over and over again in that context so they are easy to understand, that lead solutions with a universal application?


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    By creating a pattern language, an idea first coined in 1977 by Christopher Alexander in the book A Pattern Language: Towns – Buildings – Construction. My guest today, Adam Brock, took that lens, originally applied to architecture and structures, and used it to examine our invisible structures, which resulted in his book Change Here Now: Permaculture Solutions for Personal and Community Transformation.

    During the conversation today we talk about the development of the book and some of his process on going from concept to published manuscript. We also touch on some of the challenging conversations that arise from looking broadly at we apply permaculture and these patterns to our communities, including some of the dialogues we should consider engaging in as neighbors or leaders. We close of course with Adam final thoughts, but not before he shares some of the patterns he developed, including Dynamic Pricing and Nurtured Networks.

    You can find out more about Adam and his book, including upcoming events, at

    Do this quick introduction to Pattern Languages and the conversation with Adam make sense? Can you see using this kind of patterning and a pattern language in your own work? Will you be picking up a copy of Change Here Now to get a better understanding of these ideas and how to apply them?

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    1. August 20, 2017    

      This was great!!

      I was so inspired, that I rode to the Ecology Center in Berkeley, and I purchased a copy. I am excited. I love the way Adam talks about stuff. Can’t wait to dig in!

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