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    1732 -Sharing Permaculture: PIP Magazine

    With smartphones, tablets, and other always-on, always-connected devices at our fingertips, finding a piece of information becomes easier and easier, if we have a few keywords to search for.

    When it comes to a subject as off the well-trod path as permaculture, how can someone find this information? As practitioners, what outlets do we have to share these ideas with our more mainstream friends or family? Of all the media available, the least expensive and most accessible are magazines.


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    For that reason, I’ve had an interest in helping you get up to date on the latest recurring permaculture periodicals. So, today, Robyn Rosenfeldt sits down to talk about her Australian produced, but globally available, magazine: PIP. She designed this from the ground up to be a complete sensory experience that covers a wide range of practical of subjects in each issue. Similarly, she shares with us a variety of thoughts on permaculture in Australia, what it’s like to distill down practical advice to the length of an article, why a magazine means so much to her as a way to share this information, and how you can contact her if you would like to contribute your words to an upcoming issue.

    Find out more about PIP Magazine, and pick up Issue #9, at

    I’d like to thank Robyn for taking the time to sit down and share with us her experiences of creating a magazine and her process of putting together the familiar yet unique PIP. Her work and the conversation today are a reminder of how, with the will and little bit of knowledge, we can make something new. Robyn took her experience as a photographer and the publishing industry to launch a magazine. I took some time spent as a radio DJ and a decade in IT, to create this podcast.

    What skills and know-how do you have that you could forge together to bring something unique into the world?

    If you’d like to get in touch to talk with me about your ideas, projects, or abilities, feel free to give me a call (717-827-6266), send me an email ( or write me a letter:

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    From here, the next interview is Eric Toensmeier, where he shares the latest research on drawing down carbon and reducing the impacts of climate change.

    Until then, spend each day creating the world you want to live in my taking care of Earth, yourself, and sharing permaculture magazines with your community.

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