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    1729 – Next 7 with Lisa Stokke

    This interview contains a conversation on Haudenosaunee (Iroquois Confederacy) beliefs reflective of popular rather than historical views. For more detailed information on the history and culture of these First Americans visit:

    In this episode, David Bilbrey returns to sit in the host chair during this conversation with Lisa Stokke, one of the founders of Food Democracy Now!, to talk about her latest project, Next 7, which focuses on bringing people together who believe in advocating ideas and solutions to benefit the next 7 generations.


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    Next 7
    Food Democracy Now!

    Keep the Soil in Organic
    How to Go Further by Woody Harrelson (Tree Hugger Review)
    Joe HickeyHemp Research Foundation

    Dave Chapman – Long Wind Farm
    Niman Ranch

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