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    1712 – What Sustains You?

    What is wealth?
    How do communities define wealth?
    What sustains you?
    Are you disconnected from the sources of sustenance?
    Where are our leverage points?
    How do we make use of those places to create change?



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    These questions, and more, are examined in this episode with my guests Warren Brush, of Quail Springs Permaculture, and Jesse Peterson, of Inside Edge Design, LLC. The title for the show today comes from a pattern that Warren sees in the world: that as life and transition more to a digital space of screens we become incrementally more disconnected from what sustains us.

    Rooted in a conversation that opens with American politics and what Jesse and I observed via our respective permaculture networks, we move to Warren and his work internationally. This results in a longer than normal interview that takes us to a number of places of interest for anyone interested in social or political permaculture.

    Given the nature of this episode, it may not be for everyone, and I’d like to hear from you if you like this political commentary. Leave a comment below, or get in touch:

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    1 Comment

    1. Armel MartinArmel Martin
      April 13, 2017    

      Hello Scott,

      Another beautiful episode, thank you to Jesse and Warren for the inspiration this week. Also I just randomly met Jesse’s dad tonight at a community discussion about food forests here in Minneapolis! Small world! 🙂 After this episode I was inspired to write this journal entry below:

      We have grown distant from the life sustaining sources we depend on: food, energy, shelter, community, and so much more. Of course we are incredibly vulnerable to the national political climate; it controls pricing, regulations, and our entire livelihoods. Overemphasis on globalization created unhealthy codependence, with frequent instability and crisis.

      Nor is independence the answer. Independence is an imbalanced illusion. We are inextricably connected to our social, ecological, political, and economic communities with which we interact with everyday. Everything we see, hear, taste, smell, touch comes from somewhere, and that somewhere comes from somewhere too. You cannot extract yourself from that which sustains and shapes you.

      Then there is interdependence: we must recognize our inseparable connection with others, and also maintain healthy boundaries to grow mutually beneficial relationships. This healthy balance must not only exist on a personal level, but in communities, regions and nations – wherever we exist among the branching fractals in life. How can we grow more food in the spaces nearest to us? How can we create more energy together? How can we share more needs with our neighbors and local community? The possibilities are limitless.

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