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    1624 – The Climate Change Playbook with Linda Booth Sweeney



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    Our guest today is Linda Booth Sweeney co-author, along with Dennis Meadows and Gillian Martin Mehers, of the The Climate Change Playbook.  During the conversation Linda shares with us how we can use games to better understand systems, specifically Climate Change. This is important because of the crisis that the weirding of our atmosphere is causing and our need to communicate this and other issue clearly, in a fun, proactive, and non-threatening way, while wrapping everything within one of the core roots of permaculture: systems thinking. This discussion takes those ideas of climate and systems and helps anyone who is practicing permaculture to speak with more clarity about both.

    You can find more about Linda at, and The Climate Change Playbook at

    Patreon supporters, I’m giving away a copy of this book to one of you. You’ll find the details on the member page, and if you decide to buy a copy, be sure to use your discount code to save 25%.

    Games are a fun and upbeat way to play, and as we heard from Linda, also to learn, and in her book has provided us a way to do so with only a handful of props and a little bit of time. As a longtime gamer myself, I’ve come to understand that play and the space created can allow you to safely try your hand at storytelling, diplomacy, conflict resolution, to deepen your emotional intelligence, your understanding of mathematics or game theory, and so much more. That we can apply that same play to bigger issues, whether around a table or filling an auditorium, is a new way to reach out to and talk to people about climate change, and The Climate Change Playbook provides a place for us to use games developed by others to begin this process, and in turn to create new games to include in our permaculture classes.

    When it comes to permaculture, are there already games that you use to teach these concepts? Do you already have a copy of The Climate Change Playbook? What games do you like from it? As a parent do you have a copy of the Wildcraft boardgame?

    Whatever way you are bringing play into your practice, I’d love to hear from you.

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    From here the next episode is a conversation with Pascal Baudar and his book The New Wildcrafted Cuisine.

    Until then, spend each day creating the world you want to live in by taking care of Earth, your self, and each other.

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