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    1619 – Philly Roundtable Q&A

    Philadelphia Round Table


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    My guests for this episode are Nate Kleinman of Experimental Farm Network, Paul Glover the founder of Philadelphia Orchard Project, Robyn Mello of Philadelphia Orchard Project, and Kirtrina Baxter of Public Interest Law Center, recorded earlier this year at Repair the World.

    Today’s interview is the second Philadelphia Roundtable recording and is a question and answer session with the audience. The questions result in answers that touch on the reality of how monies are allocated for projects, the impact of genetically modified foods and plant breeding on our loss of seed diversity, the importance of seed saving, poultry disobedience, and so much more. As a result of the density of this conversation, you’ll find a long list of additional resources in the show notes which includes how to contact each of the panelists if you would like to follow up with any of them.

    All of us have gifts, talents, and abilities that can change the world. Maybe right now they aren’t getting used because, as Robyn mentions, we’re afraid. Or as Paul says, we have to act with civil disobedience to get there.

    I can’t say how much you can take on or how far you can push the lines before they push back, but am here to help you discover your passion, to jump even though it seems frightening, and get your work done.

    If after listening to this interview there is any way I can help you on your journey, to do what it is that inspires you, whether to take the first step forward or to arrive at your destination, get in touch. The phone number is 717-827-6266 and the email address is If digital means are not your preferred way to reach me, you can also drop something in the mail. That address is:

    The Permaculture Podcast
    P.O. Box 16
    Dauphin, PA 17018

    From here, coming up is the Mid-Atlantic Permaculture Convergence outside of Charles Town, West Virginia, at The Riverside Project. The keynote speaker for this day is Michael Judd, talking about his experiences as a permaculture practitioner, with opening remarks by Joel Glanzberg. Classes and workshops are scheduled on Living in the Gift, Animals in Permaculture, Broadacre permaculture, whole systems learning, plant walks, and tree ID sessions. If you do plan on attending, please consider carpooling. If you haven’t picked up your tickets yet, get them today at

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    If you are near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, register today and we’ll see you soon.

    Until the next time, take care of Earth, yourself, and each other.

    Good Seed Company, a business with over 40 years of experience delivering open pollinated, non-GMO seeds, believes we have an inalienable right to these seeds for common use. These are the seeds saved by our ancestors for thousands of years that can sustain us today, and contribute to a bountiful future for the generations yet to come. Find out more about the rich history of this company and the importance of seed saving at, or shop the catalog of ecologically grown organic seeds online.

    Inside Edge Design, in Helena, Montana, a permaculture design, consulting, and education firm, offers designs that focus on creating sustainable and ecological cultures that support people and the landscape. In cooperation with Broken Ground Permaculture and Penny-Livingston Stark, they are offering a Permaculture Design Course (link) from July 15-27, 2016 specifically created to accommodate families and couples. Find out more at Inside Edge Design or via the link in the show notes.

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    Nate Kleinman
    The Experimental Farm Network
    Experimental Farm Network (Facebook)
    Experimental Farm Network (Instagram)

    Paul Glover
    Citizen Planners
    Los Angeles a History of the Future
    Patch Adams

    Robyn Mello
    Philadelphia Orchard Project

    Kirtrina Baxter
    Public Interest Law Center
    Garden Justice Legal Initiative
    Grounded In Philly
    Black Permaculture Network
    Black Permaculture Network (Facebook)

    Permies United (Facebook)
    Occupy Vacant Lots
    Soil Generation
    Bartram’s Garden
    Nanticoke Indian Squash (Experimental Farm Network)
    Hudson Valley Library
    Black Shackamaxon Bean (Bites of Food History)
    Seed Savers Exchange
    Native Seeds
    William Woys Weaver

    Inside Edge Design Permaculture Design Course
    Mid-Atlantic Permaculture Convergence (Information and Tickets)
    Seppi’s Place Permaculture Design Course in The Gift

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