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    1615 – Conflict Transformation


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    How would you like to have more peaceful relationships with others? You can, and though the work is not easy, the process is simple, and today Ethan Hughes shares with us how he and others put this idea into practice day to day at the The Possibility Alliance, as well as in the Permaculture Design Courses held at the Peace and Permaculture Center.

    This audio comes from the first video session with Ethan, recorded while I was at The Possibility Alliance. For those of you on mobile, if you’d like to watch this video, I’ve included a direct link to the YouTube page in the resource section. If you’d like to see the rest of the videos, as well as hear all the conversations rather than just the excerpts like this one, then pledge towards the creation of The Possibility Handbook.

    These conversations with Ethan, a beautiful synthesis of the wisdom of others with his own experiences of living in community, continue to change and transform my life and lead to new discoveries. As I apply the lessons learned along the way I find that they work. There is less strife and more understanding of others, while also decreasing the sense of other or enemy identity. I won’t say it is perfect, and we call these things practices for a reason, but the improvement is there. By changing ourselves, we change the world.

    Now imagine all the possibilities.

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    As this episode comes out, I’m on my way to Berea, Kentucky and the Clear Creek Community. Check out the podcast instagram feed, for updates throughout the trip. On Saturday, April 23, 2016 is Spring into Permaculture hosted by Clear Creek Schoolhouse. Come and hang out with us starting at noon, stay for a mead making workshop with Jereme Zimmerman, author of Make Mead Like a Viking, from 1-3pm, and in the evening we’re having a potluck and live recording of the podcast. Find out more at

    On June 18, 2016, is the Mid-Atlantic Permaculture Convergence outside of Charles Town, West Virginia, hosted by Emma Huvos of The Riverside Project. The keynote speaker for this day is Michael Judd. Other guests include Shawn Walker of Trees101, Diane Blust of Chicory Hill Farm, Nicole Luttrell of Deeply Rooted Design, Seppi Garrett of Seppi’s Place, forager and rewilder Nathan Rupley, and we’ll be ending the day with a live recording of the podcast with all the guests and attendees. Lots of great folks doing good work are here to meet and learn from.  As this event is limited to 100 tickets, pick yours up today at



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    Your Garden Solution is a Pennsylvania company run by a permaculture practitioner and their business partner that helps people to garden using the techniques developed by Mel Bartholomew and popularized in his book Square Foot Gardening. In addition to garden installation and education, they also have an excellent soil mix and compost ready for your raised beds. Find out more at

    Good Seed Company has been in business for over 40 years and believes we have an inalienable right to open pollinated, non-GMO seeds for common use. These are the seeds saved by our ancestors for thousands of years that can sustain us today, and contribute to a bountiful future for the generations yet to come. Find out more about the rich history of this company and the importance of seed saving at, or shop the catalog of ecologically grown organic seeds online.

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