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    1608 – Jewish Traditions with Nati Passow (Faith and Earth Care)

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    Nati Passow, of Jewish Farm School


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    This is Episode 1608: Jewish traditions, part of the Faith and Earth Care series.

    My guest today is Nati Passow, co-founder and executive director of Jewish Farm School. He joins me today to continue the conversation about faith and earth care based, this time looking at the traditions of Judaism. This episode serves as an introduction to these ideas, and Nati’s background, as, similar to the conversation with Rhamis Kent and Islam, there is a great deal of ground to cover before getting to the conversation proper, because my understanding of Judaism, is very limited and I pepper the conversation with questions to get myself up to speed. Regardless of your background, however, this is a good place to begin if understanding the cultural underpinnings for the rituals, customs, and beliefs that make up this modern world are part of your permaculture practice. This promises to be the start of something that leads to more practical practices stemming from Jewish teachings.

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    Coming out of this, Nati’s closing notes grab hold of me and connect the thread of the faiths of Abraham, of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam is the creation story from Genesis. That we come from the earth, made from the dirt, or clay. Those few inches of topsoil that cover the land allow crops to grow and animals to feed. Though the earth is covered by so much water and there are traditions of fisherman, it is still Earth from which we arise in these traditions; faiths that encompass more than half the world’s population. From that it seems a natural fit, as a non-theologian, to tend to where we come from, whatever may happen in the next life. What we have is this world, this Eden, given to each of us by virtue of our birth. We are shepherds. Gardeners. Tenders of the wild.

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    And a few announcements.

    The first, is Wild Cooperative a budding community started by a couple on 16 acres in Crawford, Colorado. They are looking for folks interested in building a permaculture based bio-centric community. Read more about this project and what they are looking to accomplish at and look for the entry from February 15, or from the link in the show notes. There you’ll also find satellite and other pictures detailing the location and layout of the land.

    The second is that on June 18, 2016, is the Mid-Atlantic Permaculture Convergence at The Riverside Project in Charles Town, West Virginia. Michael Judd is the keynote speaker. I’m hosting an in-person round table recording. Workshops include Living in the Gift with Seppi Garrett from Seppi’s Place, Children and Permaculture with Jen Mendez of PermieKids, and Broad Acre Agriculture for Permaculture Practitioners with Ethan Strickler.

    Tickets are currently on-sale so pick up your ticket today.

    Mid-Atlantic Permaculture Convergence Tickets

    Behind the scenes things at Seppi’s place continue to be dynamic and ever changing, something both Eric Puro and Ethan Hughes commented on about the early stages of creating community. Seppi, Eric, Kendra, and I are checking in on a nearly daily basis individually, with text messages and conversations on Facebook flying around to stay in touch and cover issues that arise in the moments of life, all while working and coordinating social events.

    With that idea of social events, if we held an open social at Seppi’s Place sometime this Spring or Summer, would you be interested in attending? Let me know so we can put a date on the calendar and begin planning the event.

    As we draw this episode to a close, the next interview is an introduction to The Philadelphia Orchard Project with Robyn Mello, with episodes on the queue from the Philadelphia Round Table recording, the in-person with Victoria of Charm City Farms, and a conversation with Erik Ohlsen.

    Until the next time, take care of Earth, your self, and each other.


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