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    1645 – Surviving the Future with Shaun Chamberlin



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    Today is part two of the conversation with Shaun Chamberlin (Part 1 ), editor of Lean Logic and Surviving the Future, on the work of David Fleming. This time we focus on Shaun including his background, current activities, and what it means to bear David’s Legacy.

    Along the way the conversation touches on a variety of subject related to our work in the modern world, including the role of education, the apolitical need for action on the future, and what we can do to live inexpensively and with directed intent. This is candid, on both of our parts, as we share more of our own private stories as much as the public.

    Find our more about Shaun and his work at


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    Lean Logic   (Chelsea Green Publishing)
    Surviving the Future   (Chelsea Green Publishing)
    Get both books for $60 .  (Chelsea Green Publishing)

    Dark Optimism (Shaun’s Site)
    Lean Logic: The Work of David Fleming (Permaculture Podcast Interview)

    Schumacher College
    The Moneyless Manifesto  – Mark Boyle
    The Dark Mountain Project
    The Transition Timeline
    The Happy Pig , Ireland. (Permaculture Magazine UK)
    The Power of Time Off  (TED Talk)


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    1. December 15, 2016    

      For those interested, from 6th-10th Feb 2017 a week-long course on Fleming’s work will run at Schumacher College, UK, led by myself, Rob Hopkins, Mark Boyle and Stephan Harding.
      Details here:

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