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    In this episode, I’m joined by Beth Dougherty the co-author, along with her husband Shawn, of The Independent Farmstead. This new book from Chelsea Green Publishing looks at intensive pasture management and animals on the farm.

    Though that is the subject of the book, which comes from decades of experience running The Sow’s Ear Farm in Ohio and provides a holistic approach to farm management, we spend most of the conversation discussing the calling to become a farmer and what the lifestyle includes. We also discuss the impact that a single large ruminant, the cow, can have on a farm, and the role of milk in transforming the availability of nutrients, which reduces the need for off-farm inputs.

    As Beth says, animals turn yesterday’s sunlight into today’s fat and proteins. This is something we can accomplish with a few acres of grass, the sun, and a dairy cow.

    I do have a copy of this book to give away to a Patreon supporter, check your feed there for more information.

    I’d also like to thank author, educator, and guest of the podcast, Brad Lancaster, for his many years of support and continuing contributions to the permaculture community. His incredible series, Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond, offers clear and simple methods for assessing how to harvest and utilize on-site assets like water, sun, wind and shade to create yields in our systems.  In particular check out the recently updated 2nd edition of volume 1 and learn how to create regenerative systems in your community with the resources around you. They are vital references that deserves a space on your bookshelf. Find out more about Brad and pick up a copy of his books at 


    The Independent Farmstead (Chelsea Green Publishing)*




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    2. MaiaMaia
      December 15, 2016    

      This was delightful! A really interesting interview, I’ve not though how much effect animals can have on a whole farm before.

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