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    Video: Living With The Land – Part 6 – Animal-free Farming

    A pioneer in plant-based agriculture, Iain Tolhurst has been a practising organic vegetable producer since 1976.

    Specialising in a “systems approach” to farming, Tolhurst, has developed a stockfree approach to farming — the use of green manures, crop rotations & sustainable practices without recourse to inputs such as animal manures or animal by-products.

    Together with business partner Lin, Iain Tolhurst started Tolhurst Organic more than 25 years ago producing seasonal organically grown food on 18 acres of land in Oxfordshire.

    Stockfree farming is one of the many ways of Living With The Land.

    Produced by Permaculture People in cooperation with Permaculture Magazine. I’ve been in touch with Lauren and Phil of Permaculture People for several years and really enjoy their work.

    I’ll continue to post these videos as the series develops. You can also find the full archives on the Living with the Land webpage.

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