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    Episode 1507: Timber Framing with Patrick Shunney

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    My guest for this episode is Patrick Shunney, a timber framer from Kearneysville, West Virginia.

    In this interview we talk about his background and how he came to timber framing, how this type of building differs from a modern stick built home, how to get started in timber framing, a review of the basic tools needed to begin, and the role that engineers and architects play in the design and approval of these builds. We wrap up with some resources for you to learn more and his final thoughts on the aesthetics and craft that go with the skills in building this way.

    I became aware of his work when a listener, Emma, reached out to me to offer to host a roundtable discussion at her farm, The Riverside Project, outside of Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia, later this year. As we traded messages she said it would be best if we waited until after her timber framing workshop, which got me interested in talking to Patrick who is working with her on that project.

    If you would like to take the timber framing workshop and learn about this craft from Patrick and other timber framers you will find more information at this link:

    Your assistance as a listener helps me to go record live events like the round table at Emma’s farm in September, 2015, and to take Photographer John along with me to document things like the timber framed pavilion. If you are in a place to make a one-time or ongoing contribution you can find out how at:

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    Timber Framers Guild
    A Timber Framer’s Workshop by Steve Chappell

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