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    Episode 1544: Home (The Riverside Project Round Table Part 2)

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    This is part two of the round table recorded live at The Riverside Project outside of Charles Town, West Virginia. The panelists include Nicole Luttrell of Deeply Rooted Design, Jesse Wyner of Liberty Root Farm, Ashley Davis, a permaculture design certified herbalist who runs Meadowsweet Botanicals, and Diane Blust, a former government employee starting her own permaculture homestead, Chicory Hill Farm.

    We pick up after taking a short break from recording part 1 and open with a discussion on permaculture as a movement.

    I would like to thank Emma Huvos for setting up this event, inviting the panelists, and hosting at her farm. Visit to learn more about her work to move the farm more towards permaculture, and to check the calendar for any upcoming events.

    Opportunities like this trip to West Virginia depend on the support of listeners, and the sponsorship of people doing good work such as Jen Mendez at PermieKids. In addition to her own podcasts that explore the topics of children, permaculture, and education, which I recommend you check out if your life involves any of these three subjects, she also offers a number of courses on Educational Design, an ongoing series of EDGE Alliances — topical webinars with featured guests — and personal consultations. Recently she added a series of electronic campfires, in cooperation with Dr. David Blumenkrantz and the Center for Youth and Community, that expands on the recent conversation we shared on Youth and Community Development and Rites of Passage. Find out more at

    Should you decide to join in on any of these courses or other offerings, know that Jen extended a discount of 10% off of her courses and other materials to Patreon supporters.

    Leaving this round table and getting to sit down with everyone and talk about permaculture at the potluck afterwards left me reminded of the trip to visit with Eric Puro and other members of ThePOOSH in Kentucky and the need to spend time with people in order to create intimacy and community. For that day in West Virginia, as we all sat around and talked, we bonded through the common interest in permaculture and creating the world made possible by systemic design.

    This idea of building trust, intimacy, and community I’ve been digging into for the past several months is the only way I see that we can create the opportunities necessary to face the issues that lead humanity ever closer to crisis. Solutions exist to all the technical problems we face over the next century including climate change, energy, food, transportation. All of it. Every last one. The only thing we lack, however, is the social and political capital to make it happen.

    To change all of that, will you join me? Wherever you are at, whatever your choices may be for yourself and your descendents, starting today will you live with intent to broaden your community and move closer to creating the world you want to live in? If you are politically minded, will you run for office? If you work in the public sector, will you guide decisions and policies so they come from a permaculture perspective? If you own a business will you move your company structure and rules to align with the ethics of permaculture? In your day to day life will you work on reducing the impacts of your lifestyle and become an example for others?

    We all have a role in creating a bountiful world. If there is any way I can assist you on taking action in your own life, let me know. Call: 717-827-6266. Email: or you can drop something in the mail.

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    Also, if you or anyone else you know is interested in hosting a round table like this in your city or at your homestead, get in touch and we can talk about the possibility.

    From here the next episode on October 29 is with Lisa Rose, author of Midwest Foraging, and then on November 5, Peter Michael Bauer returns to discuss Human versus Conservation rewilding.

    Until the next time take care of Earth, your self, and each other.

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