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    Episode 1431: Agroforestry and Farmer to Farmer Networking in Thailand with Michael Commons


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    My guest for this episode is Michael Commons, a permaculture practitioner located in Thailand who practices agro-forestry and helps to connect farmers with one another so they can add more value to their farms. We discuss his background, the Thai Agroforestry group Wanakaset, and the NGO organization Michael works for, the Green Net Foundation which also includes the Earth Net organization.

    While talking about Wanakaset, we cover the 5 basic needs of the self-sufficient agriculture philosophy in Thailand.

    1. Rice
    2. Food
    3. Medicine
    4. Fertility and Microorganisms
    5. Products We Use Everyday

    The conversation around this last item digs into the yields we get from a system and how to add value beyond raw materials. This in turn speaks to economic and personal freedom.

    Michael and I are discussing a follow-up interview to discuss savings groups. If you’d like to include a follow-up question with Michael in that conversation, e-mail or call me using the information below.

    Learn more about Michael, his thoughts, and work, through the following resources:
    E-mail Michael:
    Green Net / Earth Net Foundation
    A long term perspective: The Wanakaset concept
    How to break through the glass house: A personal reflection

    Wanakaset – Journey to Self-Reliance

    Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions or comments:

    Phone: 717-827-6266
    Twitter: @permaculturecst

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    1. Leslee F StaufferLeslee F Stauffer
      April 10, 2014    

      Wonderful interview.
      Michael Commons is doing a great service.
      Thank you for the interview.

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