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    Episode 1433: A “Pattern Language” for Women in Permaculture with Karryn Olson-Ramanujan


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    Karryn and her peach.

    My guest for this episode is Karryn Olson-Ramanujan, a permaculture teacher, designer, and one of the founders of Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute. This interview is about women in permaculture, and how a pattern language emerges to make the community and movement more inclusive and constructive for everyone interested and involved in building a better world.

    The starting point for this conversation was Karryn’s article, which also forms the title for this episode, “A ‘Pattern Language’ for Women in Permaculture.” This powerful piece outlines patterns that provide solutions to create an environment for women’s full participation and leadership in the permaculture community.

    The 8 patterns are:

    1. Shift “Mental Models”
    2. Understand and Advocate for the “30% Solution” as a Vital Step Toward Parity
    3. Value Diversity
    4. Intersecting Identities
    5. Mentoring is Key to Building Women’s Leadership
    6. Value Archetypically “Feminine” Ways of Leading
    7. Nurture Women’s Leadership Through Women’s Gatherings
    8. Be an Ally

    Find out more about Karryn at her site,, and at the Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute.

    References and resources from this episode:
    Earth Activist Trainings
    Gender Schema Tutorials
    Jeanine Carlson-Nelson
    Karen Stupski
    Margaret Wheatley
    Pandora Thomas
    Privilege and Allyship (Links to a PDF)
    WPLI – Women’s Permaculture Leadership Initiative
    Women Lead the Way by Linda Tarr-Whelan
    Profiles of Women in Permaculture

    Women Working with Permaculture in South Africa
    Alex Kruger and Berg-en-Dal Ecovillage
    Jeunesee Park Park at Food and Trees for Africa

    Several other awesome women were also profiled in Karryn’s article!

    Want to add your thoughts to the discussion about women and inclusivity in permaculture? Share them with me:

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      April 24, 2014    

      EXCELLENT on every level and applicable to every aspect of life! Thank you for this eye opening and mind expanding interview.

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