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    Episode 1432: Nonviolent Communication with Karl Steyaert


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    Karl Steyaert

    My guest for this episode is Karl Steyaert, a teacher and practitioner of Nonviolent Communication (NVC). During our conversation, in addition to his biography and background, he shares with us how using NVC can begin the work of restoring our connection with others in a direct, meaningful, productive way that honors our needs while meeting those of others. He also illustrates the process of NVC using an example from his own life. I’m thankful for the open space created during the interview to allow for that discussion.

    I first became aware of Nonviolent Communication, and the work of Dr. Marshall Rosenberg when I interviewed my teacher and colleague, Dillon Naber Cruz. Picking up a copy of Dr. Rosenberg’s book, combined with The Four Agreements, changed the way I look at interpersonal relationships and communicating well. Though I’m still learning how to communicate, starting down this road had an incredible impact on my own experience.

    NVC and the work of people such as Karl are how we can think differently, act differently, and be different and get out of the thinking we’re currently in. By designing with permaculture and communicating nonviolently we can build a better world for all.

    You can find out more about Karl and Nonviolent Communication through these resources:
    Karl Steyaert
    The Center for Nonviolent Communication (Browse this site for information on training, books, and other resources).

    This is part of a planned series on nonviolent communication and restorative justice. If after listening to Karl and the idea of Nonviolent Communication you have thoughts, questions, or comments on these subjects, please let me know.

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