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    Episode 1448: Permaculture in the Face of Collapse with Dr. George Mobus


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    My guest for this episode is Dr. George Mobus, a professor at the University of Washington, Tacoma, and the author of the blog, Question Everything.

    In our conversation we talk about systems thinking and theory, permaculture in the face of collapse, human wisdom, and how together all of that can have a lasting, positive impact.

    Dr. Mobus was brought to my attention by a listener around the time of the release of the episode with Nicole Foss and I found his work to be a nice compliment to that. If you’re not familiar with Ms. Foss, I recommend you listen to that interview in addition to this one, but you don’t have to listen to hers first.

    In this interview I reference an article on child poverty. You’ll find a link to that, Dr. Mobus’s blog and his site at the University of Washington, as well as to the works of David Pimentel and Charles Hall, in the Resources section below.

    There is not a lot of commentary from me on this episode, as Dr. Mobus covered the spread of what we talked about fairly well, and his understanding of permaculture connects his ideas to how we, as permaculture practitioners, can provide a way forward through what the future holds. The picture is bleaker than I personally see ahead of us, but the hope in all of this is that by taking action we can make a difference. We have a model, a way to do that, now all we need to do is apply it, and create the world we want to live in.

    Dr. George Mobus (University of Washington, Tacoma)
    Question Everything
    David Pimentel (Click on “Publications” to read some of his work)
    Charles Hall
    ‘Crack baby’ study finds poverty is worse for development than exposure to drug in the womb (

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