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    Episode 1480: Culture, Violence, and the Natural World with Derrick Jensen


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    My guest for this episode is the author and environmental activist Derrick Jensen. Some of his books include A Language Older Than Words, The Culture of Make Believe, and the two volume set that introduced me to his work, Endgame.

    As with the Dave Jacke interview, this is an intense and open conversation. We talk about the natural world, our role as human beings within it, and the violence that occurs when we become disconnected from that sense of place. We end with how we all have a role in making a difference and caring for Earth; this place that is our home.

    If you are familiar with Derrickā€™s writing this interview takes much the same progression moving in a non-linear fashion that draws together a number of ideas to make a point. The language he uses is often blunt and direct. There is no mincing of words and the conversation can get uncomfortable at times with the frank questions about cultural and societal violence. This is one of the few shows that may not be for everyone, but is worth listening to if you are open to the topics at hand.

    Thank you for joining me for this interview. The intensity of what we covered leaves me in a place where I am still examining what he shared in the context of permaculture and creating a better world. This conversation leaves me questioning my role in continuing to participate in the framework of the culture in which I exist. What can I do to lessen my own harm?

    We all have a role in doing something positive for life here on Earth. What that is varies so widely that we share the path, but are on our own journeys.

    With that, I leave you to consider your own place and what you can do to make a difference. As always, I am here to help you in whatever way I can. Get in touch.

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    From here the next episode of the show, on December 31st, 2014, discusses the plan for the podcast in 2015. January 7th begins the New Year by looking back over the best of 2014.

    May the remainder of this year be bountiful for all of you as you take care of earth, your self, and each other.


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    1. December 30, 2014    

      Response to: “seeing trees as dollars on the stump” or “salmon and the economic devastation to a particular region”. I would argue that actually it is these exact people that have an in depth understanding most don’t possess, and a great responsibility to preservation. It has taken the scientific community decades of research to evaluate the economic loss of deforestation, destruction of habitat, effects of pesticides and herbicide, acid rain, loss of tourism, etc. To shunt the grounds of these discussions merely from the view point that its corporate talk or unspiritual is uninformed. While I agree its great to see the tree for the tree, and the forest as a sanctuary, the only hopes of avoiding ecological disaster is to create an economical value that can inspire a change of attitude and law, while creating business that has sustainability as its core mission statement. In my opinion, you cannot successfully oppose the powers that be without this understanding, and discussing the economic value or political interdependency.

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