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    Episode 1458: Permaculture Conferences, Convergences, and Community Improvement with Adam Brock


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    My guest for this episode is Adam Brock, a permaculture teacher and practitioner from The Growhaus in Colorado, who is also developing an invisible structures pattern language. You can find out more about that latter project by going to

    Adam sat down with me to talk about the IPC in Cuba and the Permaculture Voice conference, but we begin this interview with his pattern language before moving onto those other topics. The conversation represents his experiences at both of those events and also provides feedback on how we can use that to continue to improve our work as professionals to make our community more inclusive and productive for the people who want and need it. We also touch on how permaculture is continuing to expand at a rapid pace and how some of the movements to codify the PDC process and vet various professionals in the field. Not too long ago a few phone calls could help us get a personal understanding of a particular teacher or project, but that is getting harder as the sheer number of practitioners and people offering classes or workshops grows.

    After speaking with Adam I’m excited for where permaculture is and where it is going. Though I was initially hesitant about some of the organizing occurring, at the moment there is still room under this incredible umbrella of design that we can shake things up, experiment, try new things, and see what happens. Together we can see what the future holds.

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    Class Announcement

    Jen Mendez at Permie Kids has another Edge Alliance coming up on Sunday, August 3rd, 2014. Helen from One Hen presents on how to help children develop personal responsibility and connect with community by examining three questions:

    • How can personal responsibility relate to social entrepreneurship?
    • What can it look like for kids?
    • What soft and hard skills that must be present for kids to self-empower and community-empower in this way?

    Find out more at:

    What are your thoughts on the state of permaculture?

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