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    Episode 1330: World Stove with Nathaniel Mulcahy


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    My guest for this episode of Nathaniel Mulcahy, owner and founder of World Stove, a company that produces and distributes pyrolytic gasification stoves all around the world. These stoves are tailored to fit the specific needs of each culture and community that uses them.

    Brent Verrill, a listener to the show and a contributor to conversations on the facebook page for the show,, suggested Mr. Mulcahy, and linked to an article on the Huffington post detailing the work of Worldstove.

    After looking over that material, viewing the World Stove website, and recently returning from my experience at the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) sponsored workshop on Charcoal and Biochar, I wanted to interview Nathaniel. The elegance of the system and ability to turn what would otherwise be waste products into fuel is an enticing prospect.

    During this interview we discuss his background and how he came to create World Stove, which was an even more interesting route than how many of us come to permaculture. We also talk about the World Stove mission to create local jobs, improve local economies, and insure that waste biomass is used as a fuel, all while reducing emissions, sequester carbon, and building soil.

    May you enjoy this time with Nathaniel as much as I did.

    World Stove
    World Stove YouTube Channel

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    1. Brent VerrillBrent Verrill
      June 12, 2013    

      Thank you so much for taking my suggestion to interview Nathaniel. I learned new stuff about Worldstove that I didn’t know, and I’ve been following their work for several years now. Aside from what I learned, I think it’s very important that the work of Worldstove and Nathaniel gain wider knowledge amongst the permaculture crowd.

      First, because I think that pyrolitic technology is a superior option to L-channel or J-channel rocket stoves.

      Second because, whether he intended it or not, Nathaniel has built one of the best examples in the world (that I am aware of) of a business that adheres to the permaculture ethics and principles. This is, in my mind, a stunning and inspirational achievement.

      Thanks again, Scott. As Nathaniel said in the interview, your work is incredibly important.

    2. March 6, 2015    

      Extremely fascinating interview. I really enjoyed hearing about all various beneficial relationships that World Stoves model creates.

      I also admired how candid Nathaniel was about some of the failures encountered as well as the successes (another permaculture principle that I’ve seen in T. Hemenway’s book Gaia’s Garden). It is instructive and inspiring to see that the mistakes didn’t keep him from pushing forward and improving on his designs, both socially and technologically.

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