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    Episode 1358: Participatory Culture & Community Building with Mark Lakeman


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    My guest for this episode is Mark Lakeman, an architect, planner, and trained permaculture practitioner from Portland Oregon.

    Our conversation today is part one of two. In this conversation we discuss participatory culture and community building through action, as a way to engage the social structures that are vital to the ongoing development a better world. The ideas presented here form the basis for our second conversation where we delve more fully into urban permaculture. Start here and then look for the next show in a few weeks.

    What I like about this conversation is that idea of building culture and community through action. That we’re going out and engaging others, pushing the lines of the possible, and bringing more delight and joy in the world in a way that’s non-violent and inclusive. The public corridor, where everyone wanders, becomes the space to reach others.

    Though I don’t touch on politics in the show, and have no intention to generally speaking, the more I speak with people, the less I see divides between us as individuals and groups. If we focus on what we can do to make our own space better and on sharing that with others so we can find what we have in common, the world becomes a more peaceful bountiful place to live. Together we can find abundance rather than scarcity. Joy instead of fear.

    Won’t you join me in seeing that happen?

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