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    Episode 1344: Permaculture Activism with Keith Johnson


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    My guest for this episode is Keith Johnson, permaculture teacher, designer, part of the team at Permaculture Activist magazine, and someone incredibly active in spreading the word of permaculture to the world.

    During this episode we speak about abandoning hope (don’t worry it’s not as depressing as it sounds), looking towards action, and through the many places we find inspiration for ourselves, and how to empower others. As always, you’re guaranteed a whirlwind ride once the interview gets rolling.

    From those various topics, and the others we touch on in-between, I left our conversation with a simple, yet powerful, take away. We all have roles to fill in building the world we want to see, and that we should work with those who are already on the path, or willing to join us, to make that happen. Time is short and shouldn’t waste the precious moments we have.

    Keith Johnson
    Permaculture Activist (Magazine Site)
    Permaculture Activist (Facebook Page)

    Common Dreams
    The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund
    Daily Kos
    Dan Allen at
    Democracy Now
    Dmitry Orlov
    Think Progress

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    1. September 24, 2013    

      Thank you so much for your words. your posts. We are listening and passing on up here in the north rocky west. and Canada. Blessings to you. Know you always find home with us here around the Flathead lake. I am in the south, Polson Urban, 12 yrs, Michael Billington of Holzer Agroecology Place of Gathering is in the west,1.5 yrs, and others in Dayton.( Dale 20?,yrs) . Aquarius Farms in the south east Mission Valley near Pablo,7 months?). the south west valleys of Paradise, Moise and Ravali. St. Regis , with Paul Wheaton and Company, Thompson Falls and plains, Northeast of the lake, to the Bigfork”s Crossroads Christian Fellowship Permaculture food forest I put together, 9 months. The Bigfork Blue Roof Ranch (for sale: $495 3 homes, arena , 8 hs barn, hay lofts. 6.6 acres flat. Great view Private. 150 Conifer ln. Bigfork Mt, 59911,)
      Down the Swan to Brian Parks and Rick Freeman Methodologies. Missoula area Rick sherman with Sundog Ego Village for Sale out of Missoula a few Min. (Goot airport area)
      To the Northeast corner by Glacier at Stokes Algae from the wood mill energy and mulch production greenhouse, to Whitefish and the slough ouf CSA farms in and around Kalispell, Purple Frog, Ravenwood Farms and Ravenwood outdoor School, Swallowcrest Farms, the Flathead Valley Community College where I have felt called to do a PDC as well as here south of me in Pablo a the Salish-kootenai College, Hotspring with Michael Pilarski and Followers ,
      And more that are coming in contact with this information,
      Whitefish permie wetland development between Whitefish and Co. Falls. < ?name) I would like to start transition asap. Stay in touch. TEDx Whitefish and Bozeman are taking speaker applications for talk in Jan 14. Please apply, TEDx Missoula just happened. It is a good microphone! Please Join Permaculture MOntana on FB. Blessings, Kelly D Ware.

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