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    Itinerant Permaculture Schedule for 2013

    This is the upcoming schedule for my friend, and former teacher, Rico Zook. If you know anyone in Indonesia, India, Cuba, or places in between looking for a PDC or other Permaculture experience, share the word and contact Rico and his staff for more information.

    2013 Schedule and Newsletter

    2013 is an exciting year for us at Itinerant Permaculture, as we have a schedule which is packed full. In addition to running courses and workshops, 2013 is bringing us exciting possibilities for exciting large scale design work and consultations. In addition to that, we are working on bringing Itinerant Permaculture to you by creating a more user friendly website and informational hub, and creating a context for sharing the vision, ethics, and principals to all would be Itinerant Permaculturalists around the globe. Attached is a short list of some of what we are up to this year. Please keep an eye on our Website and Facebook to get up to date information about our whereabouts and offerings.

    Feb 24th to March 12th Permaculture Design Course, Jiwa Damai, Bali, Indonesia
    Co-Instructors: Jeremiah Kidd,
    Location: Jiwa damai is a beautiful, tranquil permaculture retreat center located on 4 Hectares.
    price: $950 Course fees includes a shared room (3/room) at Jiwa Dimai retreat center, 3 meals per day, optional morning yoga, and optional morning meditation.
    links and web sites:
    contact: Margret:

    May (4 weekends): Weekend Permaculture Workshops, Darjeeling, India
    Water, Soil, Growing food in Urban Landscapes, Appropriate Technology,
    Price: To be Announced Shortly: discount for taking whole series.
    Location: Mineral Springs, Darjeeling, West Bengal, India
    Phone: 91 354 2255894

    June 3rd to 10th Food Production In Small Spaces, Chandigarh, Punjab, India
    A training for Indian women who reside in slums

    June 16th to 27th Introduction to Permaculture, Bangalore, India
    Price: Indian national 15000rs, International: $400usd
    Location: Navadarshanam Community
    Contact: gopi sankarasubramani

    July 4th to 7th Creating our Independence and strengthening our Interdependence
    Permaculture Festival and workshops, Taos, New Mexico, USA
    Price: To be Announced Shortly
    Location: San Cristobal, near Taos NM
    Co-Instructors: Jeremiah Kidd , Jerry Schwartz, Local guests

    Nov 7th to 21st 10th annual Permaculture Design Course, Darjeeling India
    Indias longest running permaculture design course
    Price: International 23000rs, Indian 17000rs, Locals 11000rs,
    Location: Mineral Springs, Darjeeling, West Bengal, India
    Phone: +91 354 2255894

    Nov 24th to December 6th International Permaculture Convergence, Havana Cuba
    Rico will be attending and presenting at the IPC 2013.

    We already have our eye out for 2014 which might be bringing us to Laos, and The Palestinian Territories early in the year for PDC offerings. Keep checking back if these might interest you. If you are interested in Hosting a course with us please visit our website for more information. If you would like to offer any support, particularly in the form of website design or coding, please email,and tell us your skills and how you would like to help. We look forward to seeing you in our path, and to those who we don’t, have a great year and Get Growing!!

    Wherever you are is the place to start learning and working with Permaculture. If you are on the road or living where you were born all that is offered here is applicable. If your trip is for a week or a year you will find things here that will assist you. Itinerant Permaculture is what happens from spontaneous meetings, from paths crossing by chance, from volunteering to assist on a farm or in a community. Permaculture is the toolbox you carry with you while traveling. It is the way you view and understand the road and the world. It is an aspect of all that you do, from digging a hole to building a community. It need not be explicit, and really should only be so if the situation encourages it. The point is that to create a sustainable human culture we need to infuse sustainability in all that we do moment to moment, whether on the road or at home. The following courses will assist you in creating your own bit of sustainability and help us all create a more sustainable world


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