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    Episode 1331: Ecolonomics with Dr. Wayne Dorband


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    My guest for this episode is Dr. Wayne Dorband, a member of the board of the Institute of Ecolonomics. He joins me to discuss what ecolonomics is, and how he and his colleagues are growing this idea, as well as how you can be a part of the process.

    Dr. Dorband joined me several months ago to discuss the green hacker space he opened in Colorado as a place for individuals with ideas on how to build technology that leads to a better world can incubate and grow their concepts while also socializing with other like minded people. Today we take that underlying ethos of creativity and making to begin to understand how we can combine ecology and economics to make a living while improving the earth.

    The audio on this episode wound up a little fuzzy, and thank you to Jay for letting me know this happened with some other recent episode. I did the best I could with the source audio to put this together, which also resulted in some changes behind the scenes to my software so future interviews, hopefully, don’t suffer from this same issue. Your feedback is always important for helping to improve the quality of these podcast and I appreciate it.

    Also, for those of you interested in the online PDC+, which begins July 1st, there are still a few seats open. You can register by going to:

    What impresses me about Dr. Dorband and this work is that here is an organization designed to advance human creativity and technology while also investing in the people who make the sustainable and renewable solutions. For me, that’s a pretty powerful place to find ourselves in as we work to move through many of the large hurdles ahead of us. As I’ve said with Eric Toensmeier before, I like civilization and being able to turn the lights on. Let’s work together to find ways to keep that a possibility while lifting others up, and applying permaculture to make the landscape, and our lives, more resilient.

    If you are interested in helping myself and Dr. Dorband develop this on-line maker’s forum to investigate ideas, please let me know. Leave a comment here, send me an email, or call me. You can also find Dr. Dorband’s contact information at the Institute of Ecolonomics, and reach out to him about this concept, if you’d like to help expand on any of the other projects he’s working on, such as your own local green hacker space or business accelerator, or if you have an idea of your own and would like to apply for the best of the best.

    Whatever road we find ourselves on, together we are part of the solution for a better and brighter future.

    Institute of Ecolonomics

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