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    Episode 1210: Mary Johnson on Climate Change and International Permaculture


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    The guest for this episode is Mary Johnson of Watershed Resource Consultants and one of the co-founders of Terra Genesis International.

    With a background in plant and soil sciences, Mary has spent the last several years working with conservation organizations in South America, Latin America, and Mexico to work on mitigating the impacts of climate change on local populations by aiding communities to gain access to funds and help return wealth to their home region.

    My desire to speak with Mary arose from my conversation with Rico Zook on practicing permaculture internationally. Her experiences are very different from someone who would teach around the world and lend a different perspective. We discuss that and how to get involved, however, a large part of our conversation is about climate change and the need to build human relationships through communication.

    Mary’s travels allowed her to see firsthand the disruptions occurring because of climate change. In a world where we control our environment with a push of a button and choose what to eat based on what’s at the super market, or local restaurant, these problems are not self evident, but they are coming.

    To understand that, and make the changes to solve these problems, we need to care for the people involved and communicate clearly from their own perspective and their experiences to bridge the gap between ourselves as individuals and build relationships with communities.

    However, our conversation is not without hope. The roots of Permaculture are bifurcated between the indigenous knowledge of the past, and the growing understanding afforded by science, brought into a synergistic holistic system that values the world, people, and all life. Permaculture provides ways to find and implement solutions for the changing world. Thankfully, there are governments and organizations that are beginning to see that we have a way.

    How do I get involved with International Permaculture?

    • Become Knowledgable: Read and Research
    • Match your skills to the organizational needs
    • Volunteer
    • Learn additional languages.

    Watershed Resource Consultants
    Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degredation (REDD)
    Terra Genesis International
    Wildlife Conservation Society
    Winrock International

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