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    Episode 1204: Transition Towns and Transition Harrisburg with Susan Norris and Nathan Spivey


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    Susan Norris and Nathan Spivey, two of my friends from Transition Harriburg, take some of their time to discuss how they found the Transition movement, their training at Genesis Farm under the tutelage of Transition Boulder, now Transition Colorado, and then through their efforts to bring sustainability to the capital city of Pennsylvania. Along the way they present the issues, challenges, and inspiration that makes the Transition Town movement a positive, open, apolitical experience that seeks to engage individuals and their passions to build sustainable self-correcting communities.

    In the discussion, several additional websites and resources are mentioned:

    Transition Culture
    Transition Harrisburg
    The Economics of Happiness (Film)
    Interfaith Coalition on the Environment
    Time Banking
    Local Currency (Wiki)

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