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    Episode 1208: The Permaculture Design Course with Bill Wilson of Midwest Permaculture


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    In this episode I speak to Bill Wilson of Midwest Permaculture.

    When I began looking for a Permaculture Design Course, Bill Wilson’s name kept popping up as I searched the web and asked around. I’ve had an interest to speak with him for some time and am thankful for the hour or so he spent with me for this show.

    We begin, as I often do, with his background and how he came to permaculture, which, as with all of the guests, was a unique road. The rest of the conversation winds and weaves through the impacts of agriculture on the environment and our communities, to the Permaculture Design Course, his methods and curriculum, and what he sees as the major areas of permaculture education. Around this time, as we speak about what makes for a permanent culture, I lose the connection and we pick back up on that point, and proceed to the way he approaches curriculum while honoring the work set forward by Mollison and Holmgren and identify the evolution that is required 30 years after releasing this idea into the wild.

    Perhaps the most powerful part of all of this is as we begin to wind down and speak about right livelihood and finding your personal authenticity so that you can contribute and grow, because you must do both.

    May you enjoy this time with Bill Wilson as much as I did.

    Oh, and if you are looking to take a PDC, go see Bill, Becky, Milton, and their guest instructors. They have the experience to give you the permaculture education you’ve been looking for. You’ll hear that readily in the interview.

    Earth User’s Guide to Permaculture
    Midwest Permaculture

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