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    Episode 1236: Financial Permaculture with Eric Toensmeier


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    My guest for this episode is Eric Toensmeier and we talk about the upcoming Financial Permaculture Workshop, to provide examples of applying the ideas of financial permaculture to the real world: building regenerative businesses, connecting with financiers because, as much as would be great if we didn’t, these projects require money, and community development so we can build the local structures now for a bright vibrant future.

    When registering for this course, use the code ET88 to receive an $80 discount. The earlier you register, the lower the cost: Sign Up Now.

    Financial Permaculture Course
    Financial Permaculture Registration

    Eric Toensmeier and Perennial Solutions
    David Rose and the Unified Field Corporation
    Jude Hobbs and Cascadia Permaculture
    Johnathan Cloud and the Center for Leadership in Sustainabilityexploring the small farm dream
    Emily Kawano and United for a Fair Economy

    Lisa Fernandes, Maine Permaculture practitioner.

    Sprawl Repair Manual
    Agrarian Urbanism
    Green Plastics


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    2. Zack EllsworthZack Ellsworth
      December 29, 2012    

      “I feel like I’ve been intellectually mugged.” Yeah, me too. This is the first episode of yours I’ve listened to that I think I will have to go back and re-listen to a couple times to fully absorb, my sincere thanks. What an invigorating conversation, it is great to learn about all the resources out there to help budding permaculturists. Your guest mentioned a lot more people and organizations than are listed in the resources, it would be great to include them in the list, too.

      Also, you should add and the Homestead Podcast with Paul Wheaton to your list of permaculture around the web. Your podcasts compliment each other well, I think; his is the raw, in the field reporting of what permaculture is and can be, while yours is the polished, long-form, high production value, studio interview of permaculture’s most brilliant minds.

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    4. February 9, 2013    

      Absolutely loved this episode. It’s been a hard adjustment getting of the love/hate relationship with money, and this just grounded some of the ideas and potentialities that have been floating in my head for some time now. Thank you for this. 🙂

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