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    Episode 1211: Crowdfunding Permaculture: We The Trees with Christian Shearer

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    In this episode my guest is Christian Shearer, founder of We The Trees, a crowdfunding site for Permaculture and other environmental change projects.

    Crowdfunding via the internet, most well known due to the site Kickstarter, allows a community of people to come together and support various efforts through donations, which can be as little as a dollar. Projects that might not secure a loan through traditional financing still raises needed funds to proceed. Crowdfunding forms the core of our conversation, which focuses on an in-depth understanding of We The Trees, including the funding method, payment processors, project submission and approval, and how you can help raise awareness of this new venture.

    We begin, however, with an introduction to Christian, including how he found Permaculture, the creation of the Panya Project, and the collaborative effort that went into forming Terra Genesis International.

    We The Trees

    The Panya Project
    Terra Genesis International
    Lost Valley
    Soil Food Web (Dr. Elain Ingham)

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